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Some of the tips I learned when writing erotic fiction.

  1. Know Who You're Writing For: Get a feel for what gets your readers going. Everyone's got their own turn-ons and no-go zones.

  2. Give Your Characters Some Oomph: Make sure your characters are more than just sexy props. Give them quirks, histories, and reasons for us to root for their rendezvous.

  3. Let the Sparks Fly: Build up the sizzle with playful banter and teasing long before clothes start flying off. It's all about the anticipation.

  4. Engage the Senses: Don't just focus on the action. Let readers taste the salt on skin, hear the whispers, and feel the silk against their fingertips.

  5. Mix Up Your Bedroom Vocabulary: Keep a thesaurus handy and don't be afraid to get creative with metaphors. Repetition is the mood killer. Get the Balance Right:

  6. Know when to leave a little to the imagination and when to go all in. Erotica comes in many shades.

  7. Make It Matter: Every steamy scene should have a reason to be there, whether it's pushing the story forward or peeling back another layer of your characters.

  8. Take Your Time: Good foreplay is key, in and out of the bedroom. Don't rush to the climax—savor the journey.

  9. Keep Pillow Talk Real: Make sure conversations in the heat of the moment sound believable. Awkward lines can kill the vibe.

  10. Think About Who's Peeking Over the Reader's Shoulder: If you're self-publishing, remember some folks might want to keep their reading habits on the down-low. Choose your cover art wisely.

  11. Do Your Homework: Dive into other erotic stories to see what tickles your fancy and what just leaves you cold.

  12. Set the Mood with Words: The way you string those sentences together can turn up the heat or cool things down. Find your rhythm.

  13. Polish, Polish, Polish: Go beyond spellcheck. Make sure your pacing and dialogue are as smooth as silk stockings.

  14. Play It Safe (Legally): Know the rules of the game when it comes to the steamier stuff, especially if you're venturing into kinkier territory.

  15. Not Just Physical: Remember, a roll in the hay can stir up a whole storm of emotions. Don't be afraid to explore the heart alongside the body.

  16. Fantasy vs. Reality: Sometimes it's hotter to bend the rules of reality a bit. Give readers an escape, not a biology lesson.

  17. Stay True to You: Write what you're into. If you're having fun, chances are your readers will too.

  18. Build Up the Heat: Let the emotional connection simmer. When things finally boil over, it'll be all the more delicious.

  19. Twist the Tropes: Tropes are tools, not traps. Play with expectations and give readers a delightful surprise.

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