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  • Tish Robbins

A taster from my spicy work place romance novel "Obsessed"


"Come in, Ava. Shut the door behind you."

I hesitated outside Kane Montgomery’s office. Our weekly status meeting didn’t usually require closed doors. I smoothed my skirt, took a breath, and went inside.

"Have a seat."

I perched on the edge of the leather chair, clenching my folio to my chest. Kane rose from behind his imposing desk and prowled towards me, his icy blue eyes fixed on me, cold and calculating. He leaned back against the front of the desk, arms crossed.

"I have to say, I'm very pleased with your work lately. You've been putting in extra hours, taking on more responsibility. Ambitious. I like that."

I squirmed under his predatory gaze.

"Thank you, sir. I'm just trying to contribute more to the team."

"Oh, you contribute alright. In fact..." He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, his fingers trailing down my neck. I froze.

"I think it's time you were rewarded for your efforts. I can make sure you get that manager position you've been so eager for." His eyes glinted. "If you do a little something for me first."

My heart hammered. I knew exactly what he meant. And what refusing could cost me. I opened my mouth, on the edge of a precipice I never saw coming.




My mouth went dry, panic rising. I managed to find my voice. "What exactly are you asking me for, Sir?"

His cold eyes flashed with amusement at my obvious discomfort. "Come now, Ava. I think we both know."

He reached out and trailed a finger slowly down my arm. Revulsion shuddered through me.

I stood abruptly, clutching my folio like a shield. "I should get back to work, Sir. The quarterly reports won't finish themselves."

I tried to keep my voice even, professional. I turned towards the door but his hand gripped my wrist, rooting me in place.

"Not so fast. I don't think you understand what I'm offering here." His voice was low, almost softly threatening. "Take some time. Think it over. But don't take too long."

I yanked my arm away, adrenaline coursing through me. His lips twisted into a smile that didn't reach his icy eyes.

"My door is always open to my star employee. I'll be waiting for your answer."

I fled his office, heart pounding. I knew this was only the beginning. Refusing Kane Montgomery’s advances would destroy my career. But giving in could destroy me.

I felt his eyes on me as I rushed to escape.

No matter what I chose, I was trapped.

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