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My Sister, My Shadow

A Novel 

For as long as she could remember, Faith has suffered from flashbacks of her father’s murder. What she didn’t remember was how the bloodied knife had got into her hands, or even stabbing him.
Now Faith is an adult, married to Nico Thomas, the man of her dreams and together they run a successful catering business but even though the wounds of her traumatic childhood seemed to be healing, she is still having flashbacks of her father’s murder that just don’t add up.
Grace had always been the golden child. Her parents adored her, and her childhood had been a happy one. As an adult, her life is far from being idyllic after marrying Logan Matthews, a violent abuser who is determined to control Grace by any means necessary, even down to the decision to have a second baby which she is not ready for. When Logan finds out that she's on the pill, he flies into a violent rage and leaves her for dead, taking their six-month-old son Max with him. Faith gets to her sister in time and as Grace slowly recovers, she realises that in order to survive her trauma; she has to fight for her son, her humanity, and even for her life.

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