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My Dating Adventures.

My First Date - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Well, the big day was finally here - time for my first online dating rendezvous. After days of messaging back and forth, Jeremy and I had planned to meet for drinks at a local gastro pub. I tried to keep my expectations reasonably low given some of the colorful characters I’d encountered so far.

As I sat nursing my glass of wine, I started scanning the bar for anyone matching Jeremy’s photo. That’s when a hand touched my shoulder from behind. “Hayley?” a voice asked. I turned around...and came face to face with a man who could only be described as a dead ringer for Fred Flintstone.

Turns out Jeremy’s photos were about 10 years out of date. But alright, I thought, I can roll with it. We made some awkward small talk about our careers and hobbies for a few minutes before Fred, uh, Jeremy started enthusiastically describing the plot of every Fast & Furious movie in excruciating detail.

At that point I politely but urgently had to use the bathroom to avoid falling into a coma. As I was hastily refreshing my lip gloss in the tiny pub mirror, who should join me but another date - let’s call him Steve - apologizing profusely after standing me up 30 minutes prior. I pleaded with my reflection for mercy before heading back to the table.

But lo and behold, Jeremy and Steve were now engrossed in an animated reenactment of the latest Avengers film using straws as lightsabers. Sensing my escape, I quietly slipped out the door into the night. So while the first attempt wasn’t a success, at least it provided me with some hilarious fodder for this blog! The dating adventures continue...

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