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  • Tish Robbins


The phone rang, Josiah's smooth voice on the other end moments after Janelle slipped me his number. An electric thrill shot through me as we arranged to meet that very night at the city's newest restaurant haunt.

Nerves danced in my stomach, but excitement burned hotter. This could be it - my chance. I primped for hours, meticulously curling loose waves and applying makeup with a delicate touch. I wanted to exude radiant confidence on this fateful evening.

Keys in hand, I drew a steadying breath and slipped into my car, the radio's pulse driving the crescendo of anticipation coiling tighter within me with each mile.

There he stood outside the restaurant, even better than I'd dared dream - tall, broad-shouldered, kind eyes and a warm smile that relaxed me instantly as we embraced. "Nola," that velvety voice caressed my name.

"Josiah." My lips curved in a smile as we entered, conversation flowing easily.

Seated in a secluded corner, I couldn't tear my gaze from his chiseled jaw, those expressive eyes I seemed to drown in with every word. Before I knew it, the night had blazed by in a giddy haze.

Walking me to my car, the pang of our parting lanced deep. But possibility blazed even brighter as he pulled me into one last lingering embrace, murmuring, "Till next time," against my cheek.

Home again, I replayed those electric moments, excitement and fragile hope intertwining. Maybe, just maybe, this was the spark that could ignite the flames of destiny.....


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