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Short Stories


Jack growled low in his throat, the gravelly timbre sending delicious tremors cascading through Emily's body as she tugged him down on top of her. His chapped lips captured hers in a searing, hungry kiss that robbed her of breath and higher brain function in an instant.

All coherent thought evaporated into a dizzying haze of tantalizing friction and plundering caresses as hands greedily roamed across swaths of exposed, overheated skin. Rational objections about their current risqué setting on full display were forgotten. Rational thought itself no longer existed for Emily, only the towering tidal wave of wanton need that threatened to overwhelm her every time this man, her undying soulmate, so much as looked at her with those eyes full of naked desire.

She clung to him with drowning abandon, fingernails raking pleasurable welts down the sinewy expanse of his back as his mouth blazed a scorching trail down the delicate column of her throat. One thick, muscular thigh insistently nudged her legs farther apart in a shameless act of masculine possession that made Emily's head spin.

"Jack...oh God..." she rasped against the sandpaper rasp of his stubble grazing her hypersensitive flesh. "Upstairs...need you..."

His calloused palm closed over the generous swell of one breast, thumb grazing her peaked nipple through the thin cotton until she shuddered violently against him. "Need you so bad..."

"Hold onto me, darlin'," Jack husked directly into the throbbing hollow of her neck.

Before Emily could register what he intended, the solid furnace of his powerful physique lifted her effortlessly off the porch swing into his arms amid a tangled flurry of skirts and roving caresses.

She surrendered herself over to the delirious haze of raw passion, gripping his broad shoulders as Jack somehow manoeuvred them up the front steps and through the open front door without ever breaking their frantic attempts at consuming each other....

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