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  • Tish Robbins

My Adventures in Online Dating

After several enthusiastic nudges from well-meaning friends, I finally caved and created a profile on one of those popular dating apps. How scary could it be, right? Well, let me tell you - it's been one entertaining ride so far.

The first thing I realized is that taking a good profile photo is actually way harder than it looks. I swear I must have spend half an hour in front of my bathroom mirror posing and snapping shots, trying to look casually attractive but not like I was TRYING too hard. Let's just say my poor roommate got an eyeful of me making a variety of silly faces before I selected the "least worst" option.

Next came filling out all those profile questions. What am I looking for? My passions? My perfect first date? Honestly, I was tempted to write "Someone please swipe right so I can get this part over with!" But I tried to keep it light and give just enough info to intrigue without scaring anyone away. Though after 20 minutes of overthinking, I still have no idea if my profile even makes sense anymore.

The first likes started rolling in right away (even if most of the profiles were a little...much). Swiping right felt a bit like being on a game show - will it be a match?! I won't lie, the validation of a match notification was kind of fun at first. But some of the opening messages have been truly something else. From the overly sexual to the completely incoherent, it's given me lots of entertainment - and also appreciation for all the singles out there braving this wild world.

After several promising matches that fizzled after just a few messages, I finally took the plunge and agreed to a first date. Fingers crossed it goes better than the conversation! But either way, I think I'll have a few more tales to share before this online dating journey runs its course. Stay tuned...

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