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I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them. I believe imagination should have no limits. Whatever you can imagine, you can create.



Samara Blair is a powerful witch who has fallen in love with Jasper Beaumont, a selfish, deadly vampire who has spent decades causing chaos wherever he goes. When Nona, Samara's older sister, finds out that her sister has disappeared with Jasper, she is frantic and desperate to do anything to find her, even if it means teaming up with an even more formidable vampire, Maximilian Olsson.

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Latest Release

The Perfectly Imperfect Life Of Layla Cole

After years of being stuck in a miserable marriage, Layla Cole feels that her life is finally falling into place. A new flat, new job and losing weight all help to boost her confidence, but when she meets gorgeous Theo Carter, she isn't sure that she's ready to get emotionally involved. Her hands are full with her five-year-old daughter, an ex-husband who wants her back and a younger sister who is involved in an abusive relationship. Unable to resist the physical attraction she feels for Theo, she finally gives in to temptation, then finds out that Theo is not exactly what he seems...

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