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The Sorcerer Prince

Prince Cael's unruly magical gifts could prove dangerous, even deadly, if he cannot learn to control them. But mastering his volatile powers is no easy feat.
As Cael struggles privately to tame the mystical tempest churning inside him, he must also navigate complex relationships, palace intrigue, and threats facing the kingdom. An illicit love affair further complicates Cael's abilities and loyalties, unleashing a disastrous chain of consequences.
When sinister forces emerge that threaten the land, Prince Cael finds himself torn between desire and duty, the present and the past. To save his kingdom and those he loves, he must first conquer the darkness brewing within his own turbulent spirit.

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As the cruel and arrogant Crown Prince of Azeron, Zayr's actions kindle the wrath of a scorned witch, resulting in a curse that transforms him into a monstrous beast. Shunned and cast out, Zayr embarks on a harrowing journey through a world that fears and despises him. Along the way, he encounters outcasts, mystics, and other cursed beings, and learns that redemption and transformation come from within. Will Zayr break the curse and reclaim his kingdom, or will he remain a beast forever? This is the first in a series of eight books

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I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them. I believe imagination should have no limits. Whatever you can imagine, you can create.



After barely escaping a toxic relationship, Gabby is determined to rebuild her life on her own terms. Still haunted by the scars of her past, she finds solace in her close friendships and passion for teaching young children. But when the charming and handsome Evan Turner comes into Gabby's life, she is torn between guarding her still-battered heart, and opening herself up to love once more.
As an undeniable connection sparks between them, Gabby must confront her lingering doubts and fears. Can she learn to trust again and free herself from the darkness that once threatened to extinguish her spirit? And is a chance at real happiness finally within reach, if she can only let Evan in?

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