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Tish Alexander

Though I usually write my books under the name Tish Robbins, I occasionally write under the  pseudonym Tish Alexander, and this is one of the first books I have written using this name.





When eighteen-year-old waitress Indigo Simmons meets an attractive stranger during one of her shifts she doesn’t realise that life, as she knows it, is going to change forever.
The last thing she expects him to do is to inform her that she is a witch who has magical powers and that her powers will multiply even more on her 19th birthday. Things get even more confusing when she finds out his name is Chase, that he is her guardian Angel, and it is his mission to protect and guide her to fulfil her destiny, which is sealing a magical portal (known as Apollyon’s Portal) shut to stop a shape shifting demon from unleashing hell on earth.
Scared of what might possibly happen if she chooses to ignore Chase’s warning, Indigo decides to learn more about her magical past revealing dark family secrets that threaten to send her spiralling out of control.
When the demon starts to shape-shift into people closest to Indigo, she realises that not only is her own life at risk, but also the life of her beloved sister Josie. Will Indigo be able to save the people she loves, or will the demon find a way to stop her from sealing the portal permanently?

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